Cable connection

All cables, irrespective of their type of insulation (oil impregnated paper or XLPE) and section, can be connected.

The cable sealing end is fixed inside the SF6 gas Filled compartment, in accordance with the IEC 859 standard commonly used. Isolation of the Switchgear from the high voltage cables during dielectric testing is achieved by removing the contact (1) and the conductor (2).Safety is fully ensured by earthing of the cable Side through access (3), in parallel with closing of the cable earth Switch.

                    Connection to Transformer    

                      1 Removable contact's

                      2 Removable conductor.

                      3 Expansion bellows. 

                      4 Bushing.


           Cable connection box
            1 - Removable contact's
            2 - Removable conductor.
            3 - Access for Earthing rod.
            4 - Gas tight bushing.
            5 - High voltage.